Corona: 16 states have recovery rates higher than national average, Delhi leads

The number of people recovering from the corona virus in the country is constantly increasing. The Health Ministry said that there has been a positive trend in the recovery rate. In April, this rate was 7.85% and today it has increased to 64.4%. The average recovery in 16 states is better than the national average in which Delhi is at the forefront.

Health Ministry Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that the corona patients have shown a positive trend in recovery rate. While this average was 7.85% in April, today it has increased to 64.4%. He said that the number of people recovering from Corona epidemic in the country has increased to 10 lakh 20 thousand.

He further said that on an average, 34,230 patients are recovering every day in terms of recovery and in this way the rate has gone up to 64.44% daily. In the first week of July, the daily recovery rate in the country was 14,852, which has increased to 34,230 between 26 and 30 July.

Health Ministry Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that the recovery rate of 16 states of the country is higher than the national average. Of these, Delhi is at the forefront and the recovery rate there is 88.99%. This is followed by recovery rate of 80.18% in Ladakh, 78.56% in Haryana, 76.68% in Assam, 74.27% in Telangana, 73% in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, 70.76% in Rajasthan, 69.47% in Madhya Pradesh and 68.94% in Goa.

The Health Ministry said that there are 24 states and union territories in the country where the death rate is less than the national average. The lowest death rate is in Assam, where this average is 0.25 percent while in Uttar Pradesh it is 1.98 percent.

Regarding the death toll due to the global epidemic, the Health Ministry said that the death rate in India is less than the global average. While the global average is 4.0 percent, it is 2.21 percent in India. Whereas the US has 3.5 per cent, Brazil 3.6 per cent and England 15.3 per cent.

As far as testing per 10 lakh people in the country is concerned, the Health Ministry said that the national average in the country is 324 per test / per lakh, which is relatively low. Whereas at least 450 tests per 10 lakh people by the World Health Organization (WHO) is below average.

India gets 2 vaccine trials: Ministry of Health

The Health Ministry said that the clinical trial of 3 vaccines is going on in the third phase. These trials are taking place in America, UK and China. While preparations are being made to make 2 vaccines indigenously in India and they are in the first and second phase. In the first vaccine testing, 1150 subjects were included from 8 places and in the second 1,000 subjects were included from 5 places.

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