Corona crisis: immunity booster saris are being made in Madhya Pradesh, treatment is done with spices

Can Clothing Become a Weapon Against Corona? Can a sari become a shield against the corona virus? It sounds strange to hear, but these days, such saris are being made in Madhya Pradesh which are prepared after being treated with spices being used since ancient times. Let us tell you how these saris become immunity boosters.

In a way, people are engaged in fighting with corona by increasing their immunity with Ayurvedic medicines and decoction, while in Madhya Pradesh, now immunity enhancing saree is also available in the market. Actually, the Madhya Pradesh Handloom and Handicrafts Corporation has started a new experiment, using the new. Where sarees are treated with hundreds of years old ancient herbal spices. The corporation claims that this immunity booster saree will strengthen the immunity of people’s skin.

A textile expert from Bhopal has been given the responsibility to make an immunity booster sari. The team of ‘Aaj Tak’ visited the workshop where these saris that claim to increase skin immunity are being made.

In fact, the name of these saris that boost immunity has been fixed as ‘Ayurvastra’. It takes special skill and time to make these saris named ‘Ayurvastra’. Here saris are made by going through many stops and nuances.

First cloves, large cardamom, small cardamom, chakraful, mace, cinnamon, black pepper, royal cumin, bay leaf spices are used. After this, the medicinal spices are closely crushed with an iron imam squad. These spice bundles are kept in water for more than 48 hours.

Then by placing a packet of water containing the medicine on a furnace, the cloth made by its steam is treated for about hours. After this, saris and masks are prepared with immunity booster cloth. It takes about 5-6 days to make a sari.

Vinod Malever, the textile expert who designed this saree, which claims to increase immunity, says that this is a centuries-old way of protecting against infection. Due to this, after about 2 months of trial, the exact solution was found and a mixture of these spices was prepared. The effect of whose immunity power lasts for 4-5 washing of clothes.

Therefore, a low chemical powder is recommended for washing. If you believe in textile expert Vinod Malev, it increases the immunity of the skin.

For how to reach the common people with saris and masked immunity booster ayurveda, Madhya Pradesh government’s Handicrafts and Handloom Development Corporation has also arranged to sell these saris from the government emporium.

Talking to ‘Aaj Tak’, Commissioner of MP Handloom and Handicrafts Corporation told that ‘these sarees of different print start at a price of around Rs 3000. He said that the sage sages have got an opportunity to revive the ancient tradition and tradition of health and immunity-enhancing clothes, in a period when morale of people is falling due to illness. Therefore, this concept has been launched, in which saris are being made with ancient herbal spices.

He said that at present we are selling these sarees in Bhopal and Indore, but in the coming days we will send these sarees to all 36 showrooms in the country for sale.

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