Coronavirus Lockdown: Uttar Pradesh Labours Return Maharashtra and Pune

To deal with the corona virus epidemic, when the central government announced a lockdown in the country, the wheels of industry were halted. A large number of migrant laborers from different areas started returning to their villages, their homes. Some were returning to their home state by filling in a truck, some on foot, some with a bicycle or a bike. There was also a lot of politics on the issue of workers. Maharashtra government was also accused of not providing necessary basic facilities to the workers.

Now the process of loosening the lockdown has started in the country. As the situation changes, the picture is also changing. During the lockdown, laborers who had reached home after battling all the difficulties, are now returning to Maharashtra. A team of six laborers on four bikes reached Maharashtra on Tuesday from Banaras in Uttar Pradesh. The laborers who reached Washim had traveled 1600 kilometers from Pune to Pune.

Talking to SMXNOW, these workers who returned to Maharashtra from Uttar Pradesh said that there is livelihood and employment in Maharashtra. These workers called Maharashtra a father. The workers going to Pune stayed on a bypass near Karanja town in Washim district during the long journey. It was found that six laborers on four bikes were going to Pune from Benares.

Explain that after the lockdown, lakhs of laborers had returned from Maharashtra to their home state in the circumstances arising out of loss of livelihood and fast-growing Corona infection. When there was a ban on the operation of the rail-bus, the workers went out on the roads measuring hundreds of kilometers on foot. Later, the government ran Shramik Special Train to bring the laborers home.

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