Coronavirus Vaccine May Launch Soon By Oxford University Corona Vaccine Human Trial Success

Britain has succeeded in making the coronavirus vaccine. Human trials of the Corona vaccine prepared by Oxford University in Britain have shown positive results. The coronavirus vaccine has been found safe for the human body. During the human trials, scientists found that this vaccine has developed immunity in people to fight the coronavirus. In this era of Corona epidemic, this is considered a major achievement in the link of vaccine manufacture in many countries around the world. Let’s know about it:

A human trial of this vaccine included 1077 people. There has been evidence of development of white blood cells and antibodies that fight the coronavirus in people who have been vaccinated. Scientists at Oxford University are excited about the results of the Human Trial. They say that after this success, they will confirm the vaccine’s effectiveness by doing a large scale human trial. According to a BBC report, the UK government has already placed an order to produce 100 million or 100 million doses of this vaccine.

That went created a vaccine this ChAdOx1 nCoV 19 vaccine has been developing very fast. According to the BBC report, it has been prepared with the help of genetically engineered viruses. Due to this virus, chimpanzees have a common cold. The vaccine has been prepared by introducing genetic changes in this virus. This process is called viral vector in scientific language. It has been changed in such a way that it cannot infect people and can create the ability to fight the coronavirus.

Safe but minor side effects are also said to be completely safe, but its side effects have also been seen. These are not harmful, but are minor. Fever and headache complaints have been seen in 70 percent of people taking the vaccine. However, according to the researchers, these problems can be overcome with common medicines like paracetamol.

What experts say Professor Sarah Gilbert of Oxford University says that this vaccine is effective against the coronavirus. Much more research remains to be done before confirming this, but the initial results of this vaccine are very encouraging. In a research published in the prestigious health journal Lancet on Monday, scientists said that the vaccine caused a double immune response in people aged 18 to 55 years.

Scientists say that such initial tests are usually performed only to evaluate safety. However, experts in this case also wanted to see what kind of immune response the vaccine would produce. These results of the vaccine trial raise considerable hope. However, these results are not final and testing continues. According to reports, the vaccine has been approved for the next phase of trials.

According to Dr. Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute at the university, almost everyone is seeing a good immune response. This vaccine doubles the immune system. He stated that the atoms that are produced by neutralizing antibodies are important to prevent infection. Apart from this, this vaccine also reacts in the T cells of the body which helps in fighting the coronavirus.

Trial to be conducted in the United States at 30,000 people . Dr. Hill said that large trials evaluating the effectiveness of the vaccine included participants from South Africa and Brazil, along with about 10,000 people from the UK. These trials are currently underway on a large scale. Another big trial is about to begin in the US soon, with a target to include around 30,000 people.

However, determining the effectiveness of a vaccine will depend to a large extent on how much testing the vaccine undergoes. Dr. Hill stated that presumably they may have enough data by the end of the year to determine whether the vaccine should be adopted for vaccination campaigns among the general public.

Vaccine will be produced in India as well Oxford has partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturer AstraZeneca to produce its vaccine globally. Serum Institute of India, one of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers, will also produce this vaccine. Recently, Dr. Suresh Jadhav, executive director of the company,

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