Crime Not Control In UP Three More Kidnappings After Kanpur

These days, criminals are fearless in Uttar Pradesh, they carry out incidents wherever they want. Questions are being raised about the functioning of the UP police, especially regarding the kidnapping incidents. After the Kanpur Sanjit kidnapping incident, the government had made big claims, but even after that incident, not one, not two but three kidnapping cases have been reported.

Kidnapping of child in Gonda

Kidnapper managed to kidnap the child in UP’s Gonda district. Kidnapper was a woman. He demanded a ransom of 4 crores in exchange for the child’s release. For the ransom, Lady Kidnapper called the father of the child. Threatened directly on the phone. Whether the child wants to live or not. Incidentally, this call of Lady Kidnapper was recorded. Just because of that call, the police found a way in this case. Police spread a net across the district.

A news brought relief for the police. The police got information from the informer that the crooks are taking the child out of Gonda. The police barricaded late at night. Stopped the marked car. But when the crooks started firing. So the police fired back. Two miscreants Umesh and Deepu were shot in the leg. But all got caught.

  1. Kidnapper woman was also arrested. The police also recovered a 32 bore pistol and two 315 bore pistols from the miscreants. A total of five people were arrested in this case. The child was safely recovered. The miscreants kidnapped the child from the businessman’s house. They went there on the pretext of distributing sanitizers and masks. A rogue was seen on CCTV. The child was also following him. On the basis of this video, the police found out the baddie’s stalker.

Kidnapped after kidnapping in Gorakhpur

But not all are fortunate like a child of Gonda. The latest case is from Gorakhpur district of UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Where the miscreants executed the kidnapping incident without any fear. On Sunday evening, a student studying in class five was kidnapped and a ransom of one crore was demanded from his family members. The matter reached the police. It was a matter of the district of CM, so STF was also investigated. But the crooks were merciless, killing the child at around 5 minutes after the kidnapping.

Before the police and STF could reach the child, the body of the child was recovered by the STF. On getting information about this incident, there was chaos in the child’s house. Things became like Kanpur there too. Weeds are everywhere. And the police kept quiet. Officers are promising to reach the culprits soon. After Kanpur, Yogi is also on target of opposition on this matter.

Fifth student missing from Noida, no news even after week

In Noida, Uttar Pradesh adjoining Delhi, 10-year-old innocent Shivam went missing under suspicious circumstances. The case is of Haraula of Sector 20 police station Missing innocent is a student of 5th grade. When the family members complained about his disappearance, the police registered a missing person for Khanapurti. It has been more than a week since the child disappeared. The family is traveling around the police station. But neither the family got any news of it nor did the police take any action.

The father of the missing child told the police that Shivam had gone to get some goods from a nearby shop. When he did not return late, they searched for him. But he did not know anything. He told that the child is very intelligent. He did not even get any scolding or reprimand, which he would think of running away. If he was going to wander the way, he used to go far to help his mother. Right now the police is not saying anything in this matter.

Kidnapping incident in Kanpur countryside

A person testing antique items was kidnapped in Kanpur countryside of UP. He was called in the name of testing antique items. Not only this, after the kidnapping, the miscreants demanded a ransom of 1 crore from his family. During this time, the kidnapped person was also beaten brutally. A BJP leader was also involved in this work.

The matter is of Kanpur countryside in UP. Satyam Singh Chauhan, who hails from Akbarpur Kotwali area, summoned Pandit Sushil Tiwari from Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh to Kanpur countryside on July 19 in the name of checking a miraculous box. Sushil Tiwari, a scholar, examines antique goods, which cost crores in the international market. Sushil takes his fee according to the kilometer. These fees are in lakhs.

That is why Satyam Singh Chauhan along with Rohit, Pankaj and other colleagues kidnapped Sushil. The police, while disclosing the case, recovered a white colored TUV car from Satyam Singh Chauhan, on which the BJP district minister has also written. At the same time, the BJP flag is also installed on it. At the same time, the police has also recovered a blue Baleno with the bar of Delhi number. The BJP leader’s friend Rohit Singh brought Sushil Tiwari with him from Delhi. The police have arrested the three accused and formed a team to search for other people.

Kidnapping and robbery in broad daylight in Badaun

On July 16 in UP’s Badaun district, the robbery of Mantha Oil was carried out by kidnapping the businessman’s son and tempo driver. The police tried to suppress the sensational incident in the Binawar police station area. Police termed it a suspicious incident. The police also shied away from registering a case of kidnapping and robbery. Even instead of catching the robbers, the victim kept questioning and taking custody.

Eyewitnesses also said that the miscreants riding in two vehicles carried out the incident, but the police was not ready to accept. The son of the businessman told about the petrol pump in Rampur where the miscreants had put oil in their trains. Evidence was also found from there. But the police stood by their point. There is anger towards the police from this incident. Even after the curtain was lifted from the case, the police continued to call this serious incident a suspect.

Kidnapped 8 months ago, family could not pay ransom

A family living in Friends Colony of Etawah city of UP has been searching for their son Shivam for the last 8 months. Who was kidnapped on 18 November 2019. On the third day of the kidnapping, the miscreants sent a milkman and demanded a ransom of 6 lakhs. Due to financial troubles, the victim’s family could not make money for the ransom. Because of which his son did not return. Since the kidnapping, his family has pleaded with officers from Etawah to Lucknow, but till today no clue of Shivam has been found. The victim’s family is putting up posters of their missing son in the city.

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