The Transport Department (DTC) of Delhi Government is going to introduce e-ticketing system in DTC and cluster buses to maintain social distancing in view of prevention of infection of corona. For this, the transport department has started a three-day e-ticketing system trial in all cluster buses of route number 473 from today.

During the trial, passengers traveling in these buses will have to take tickets with the help of mobile. To take e-ticket, passengers have to download the Charter app on their mobile. With the help of this app, passengers can pick an e-ticket by choosing the ticket price (if you know) or the option of stop and go.

According to Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot, to ensure maximum distance between passengers and conductors, the Delhi government is planning to introduce an e-ticketing system (contactless ticketing system) for its buses, so that it can cause corona virus Could not spread

The Delhi government believes that there is a difficulty in following social distancing when exchanging tickets or cash between passengers and conductors. A task force has been formed under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner (cluster) for its coordination and implementation. The task force includes officers from DTC and Delhi Integrated Multi-Model Transport System Limited (DIMTS), besides researchers from IIIT Delhi and experts from the World Resources Institute (WRI).

On the recommendations of the Task Force, the Transport Department will conduct the actual trial of mobile ticketing on August 5, 6 and 7, 2020 in all buses of the cluster scheme of Route No. 473. For this, people are being made aware by placing posters in all the buses of the said route to give information about downloading the app, using and purchasing mobile tickets in the buses of cluster number 473 from August.

A special app has also been created for this campaign, named Charter, with the technical support of Delhi’s Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT). During the trial, a team in DIMTS Supervision will inspect the route number 473 in the buses and the team will get feedback from passengers among other aspects. For the convenience of the passengers, 6 posters of Hindi and English have been posted in all the buses running on route number 473, so that the passengers can get help and buy e-tickets by installing the app in the mobile. The QR code has been posted on the back of all the seats of the bus, so that passengers can be comfortable in paying the fare. Also, the conductors of the buses and the managers of the depot have been trained by the team of IIT Delhi, so that they can help the passengers.

This is how e-ticket system will be

Charter app has been created for the passengers traveling in the bus to buy mobile tickets. Travelers have to install this app in their mobile first. After registering themselves, passengers can get e-tickets in two ways. First, if you know the ticket price, then you will go to the left fair option and scan the QR code and press the left button and you can pick up the ticket by choosing the option of payment.

Secondly, if you know the name of the climb and destination bus stop, then you will go to the by-destination option of the app and choose your bus route and bus stop. Then we will choose the last bus stop. After that press the left button and scan the QR code and pay. E-ticketing system is an API (application interface), which can be combined with any app such as Paytm, Phone Pay, Ola or Uber. With this, GPS tracking of each bus will also have to be enabled. Currently all cluster buses have GPS trackers.

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