Delhi 500 KM of roads will be like European cities Arvind Kejriwal asks for plan from PWD

The 100-foot-wide, 500-km-long roads of Delhi, the country’s capital, will be made beautiful like European cities. Previously, the plan to redesign 7 roads of Delhi was approved under the pilot project. In this regard, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a review meeting on Tuesday.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has extended the scheme to the newly developed road of Chandni Chowk as a pilot project, about 500 km of roads 100 feet wide in Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal has asked the PWD department for a detailed plan of 500 km road in three weeks. The development of these roads will be on the lines of built-operate-transfer (BOT) and the construction company will take up the responsibility of maintenance for 15 years. Under the pilot project, the deadline of 7 roads, which were to be completed by December 2020, has been extended to August 2021 due to Corona.

The redesign of the roads will end the bottleneck. Right now a road turns from four lanes to three lanes or from six lanes to four lanes. This suddenly creates pressure and jams at one place on the road. It will be finished in the new design. This will eliminate jamming. The space of road and roadside or nearby roads will be eliminated. It will be better used. Space will be created for the pavement, non-motor vehicle. The pavement of at least 5 feet shall be of maximum 10 feet. The pavement will be designed according to the Divyang. So that the road looks the same. Also, the Divyang should not have trouble.

Greenery will be increased, drains will implement re-harvesting system

Right now the scope of greenery on the roadside is very less. The new re-design will have space for trees on the pavement. There will also be a place for a green belt. There will be separate space and stand for autos and e-rickshaws. Road slopes and drains will be re-designed and re-constructed. There will be a re-harvesting system inside the drains. Road slopes will be fixed. Due to which rain water will be re-charged in the ground. Street furniture will be installed. The junction will be fixed. There will be no open space on the road. There will be grass or trees on the roadside. Roads will be re-surfaced.

Grass will be dusted off the roads

Not even an inch of land will be empty around the road. So that there is no dust on the roads. Right now there is a problem of dust blowing on the roads, due to which people face a lot of problems. In the redesign of roads, not even an inch of land will be vacant. There will be a green belt or grass on empty ground. Which makes the roads look beautiful. Also, there should be no problem of dust blowing at all.

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