Delhi Bjp Will Now Do Politics In Kejriwal Style Read How?

Mounting the poles, connecting or removing the electric wire … Arvind Kejriwal used to do this work on the help of the ladder. This picture of him is still present in everyone’s mind. Kejriwal’s pillar-and-ladder politics struck the hearts of the people of Delhi and he became the Chief Minister of Delhi. Not only this, Kejriwal has remained the Chief Minister of Delhi till now.

The return of the Aam Aadmi Party by a majority in the assembly elections proved that the power to stop Kejriwal from the politics of Delhi is not in the Congress and the BJP. On the issue of nationalism, the BJP, which was defeated badly in the Delhi Assembly elections, got the number of seats, while by giving subsidy on electricity and water, Arvind Kejriwal once again attracted the people of Delhi.

After 7 years tired and defeated, the newly appointed President of Delhi BJP, Adesh Gupta has started preparing to surround the Aam Aadmi Party government in Kejriwal style. It will start from Monday on July 27.

While listening to Modi’s mind at the Hanuman temple located in Connaught Place, Adesh Gupta announced to burn Holi for the increased electricity bills. That too right outside the CM residence. Adesh Gupta demanded that not only the electricity bill from March to November be given as an actual bill without a fixed charge, but the subsidy on electricity and water should be restored.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave electricity companies a package of 80 thousand crore rupees to give relief to the consumers, but the Delhi government and the power companies did not give any relief to the consumers. This year, from March to November, ie the 9 month electricity bill, fix charge should not be added, that is, provisional bill should not be sent, but actual bill should be sent, which is with subsidy.

It is alleged that the Delhi government has a nexus with the power companies. The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC), the Kejriwal government and the power companies have met and people are being sent disconnection notices. Adesh Gupta told that the young workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party will not allow the power connection to be cut and will work to connect the electricity.

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