During the Corona epidemic, the government of Karjiwal was always in the news about corona testing or loosening of lockdown. Once again, the discussion is gaining momentum on whether the Delhi government can consider opening schools in the coming time. Can classes start in the capital Delhi by the end of August or the beginning of September? However, the central government has also sought opinion from all the states in this matter.

Delhi government does not want to show any haste in this matter. Officials associated with the education department are saying that till now discussion on this subject has not started and till August 31, there is no possibility of discussion. In the coming days, if the capital also controls the corona according to the present time, then in September itself, the strategy can be considered.

In fact, only last week, Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal had returned some of the proposals of the Delhi government. Which included a proposal to open a gym and hotel. According to officials, when an opinion is not being formed about opening a gym and hotel, it is impossible to reach a consensus on opening a school. Therefore, the discussion of opening schools within the Delhi government has not started at present.

There is another reason for not opening school in Delhi. Presently, Hunger Relief Center and Covid Care Center are being run in many schools of Delhi in view of Corona. Schools cannot be opened until these centers are closed and after that the school building is not properly sanitized.

Along with all this, there is a big question about the students coming and going to school. Officials of Delhi government say that the number of students walking in Delhi is very less. In many schools, students reach long distances. In such a situation, it will also be the responsibility of the government to ensure their safe transportation. In such a situation, all these topics will be discussed only when the Corona cases in Delhi become stable.

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