Delhi Police Filed Charge Sheet In Court Under Uapa ACT Sharjeel Accused Inciting Riots

Delhi Police has filed a charge sheet against Sharjeel Imam in court under UAPA Act. Police had revealed that Sharjeel was talking anti-national outside the Jamia University campus. It attempted to incite the youth and was followed by Jamia violence.

Police told the court that along with this Sharjil Imam was talking about cutting the country outside Aligarh University. Many such videos were found in the crime branch. The voice of the video and the voice sample of Sharjeel were taken. Both have been matched in voice forensic exams. The crime branch had taken a voice sample of Sharjeel in CFSL lab after taking permission from the court. Treason has been filed against Sharjeel in several states including Delhi.

During the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Delhi, violence erupted. Sharjil Imam, a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, has also been accused in this conspiracy of violence. Delhi Police’s Special Cell has registered a case under the Unlawful Activity Prevention Act (UAPA) against Sharjeel. Sharjil Imam has been confirmed to have corona infection. He is lodged in Assam jail. The police went to bring him to Delhi but has returned at the moment.

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