A student who completed post graduation from Delhi University in 2017 petitioned the Delhi High Court that he could not get a degree even in the year 2020. Hearing the student’s plea, when the High Court asked Delhi University for an answer in this matter, the university’s answer was quite surprising.

Delhi University High Court Paper Quality Degree Certificate

The university told the court that they lack quality paper. The printing contract with the company that provided them the paper has ended and at present, people are not coming for the new auction (auction) due to Corona and 3 months of lockdown. For this reason, students are not being given degrees due to the lack of paper.

Even after the intervention of the High Court, this student had petitioned that the degree written by him was given by Delhi University. That is, there is no watermark and security feature in the degree that is still given. Such a degree is not valid for enrollment or job abroad, so the High Court had instructed the university’s lawyer Mohinder Ruparel that if the student has problems due to a hand written degree, Delhi University will contact the said institute And will verify with degree.

Earlier in 2018, the student was given an internal degree. But this degree is temporary. The student told the court that many foreign universities, including King’s College London, Glasgow University, got admission, but due to non-award of degrees, he could not study there.

The High Court has ordered Delhi University to make guidelines regarding this type of degree problem. The court has asked the university to set a time limit for how long it will take for any student to get a degree.

Apart from this, the court has asked Delhi University to make a helpline to solve any problem related to students not getting degrees. The court has said in its order that in the coming days the university should create such a system that how many days after the result will come there will be a convocation, how many days will the degree be received.

Information should be given on the website about who will be responsible for issuing the degree of officer of Delhi University, so that in case of any problem, the student can immediately contact the officer for diagnosis. The High Court has instructed the university that the university should also file an affidavit within 4 weeks to get the instructions given by the court. The High Court will hear this matter again in August.

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