Doctor Of Medical College Asked For Bribe To Pass Exam Lokayukta Caught

The Lokayukta has caught the chairman of the Forensic Medicine Department in the Government Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, red handed taking a bribe of 40 thousand rupees. A doctor studying there had complained to the Lokayukta about this. In his complaint, he had talked about the demand for money in lieu of passing the final year examination.

According to the information, on 25 July, Dr. Yashpal Singh, resident of Narwar in Shivpuri district, had complained to the Lokayukta that he studies in the forensic medicine department of Gandhi Medical College and Dr. Murali Lalwani, chairman of the forensic medicine department, in exchange for passing him an MD final year. Lakh rupees are asking for bribe. This complaint was made directly to Lokayukta SP Manu Vyas.

SP Manu Vyas said that Dr. Yashpal Singh had complained that in order to pass him in the final year examination, Dr. Lalwani bribed him one and a half lakh rupees out of the money he has received from the Home Department for the postmortem legal work over the years. Saying that Dr. Yashpal does PM examination in lieu of him and if he does not give one and a half lakh rupees, then he will fail him in the exam. Apart from Dr. Yashpal Singh, two other PG students Dr. Ashok Yadav and Dr. Sanjay Jain also complained to the Lokayukta about Dr. Murali Lalwani.

Lokayukta SP Manu Vyas said that the investigation against Dr Lalwani was found correct. On the basis of this, the trap was put on Monday and the applicant Dr. Yashpal Singh was sent to Dr. Murali Lalwani’s room with 40 thousand rupees. As soon as Dr. Lalwani took the money, he was caught red-handed taking bribe. At present, Dr. Murali Lalwani is being questioned. It is believed that some more students of Gandhi Medical College can also complain against him.

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