The Modi government launched Udaan scheme in 2016 to increase air connectivity in the country. But even after 4 years, this plan has not been completely successful. Airlines have only been active on 40% of the given air routes so far.

Trouble coming from infrastructure and low demand,
airlines were to start flights on 766 routes under this scheme but due to lack of adequate infrastructure and low demand, so far only 311 routes have started flying. So far 47 airports, five heliports and two water aerodromes have been commissioned under this scheme.

The slow pace due to corona caused the
corona epidemic to deteriorate the condition of all airlines due to lockdown across the country. Due to this most of the airlines suffered and the employees were also fired. This has also affected the flight plan.

Air travel Alliance Air will start from Delhi to Bareilly from March 8, Airline is going to start flight from Delhi to Bareilly from March 8. The people of Bareilly will have to pay around Rs 2,500 for the first flight to Delhi. Earlier, Alliance Air has announced to start flights between Delhi-Bilaspur and Delhi-Prayagraj from 1 March.

The scheme was launched on 21 October 2016. The
Central Government launched the Regional Connectivity Scheme – (UDAN) for Udaan on 21 October 2016 to promote air connectivity and make air travel affordable for the general public.


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