About a month ago, the government was estimating 5.5 lakh corona patients in Delhi by the end of July, but now with the recovery rate exceeding 80 per cent, there has been a huge reduction in the number of corona virus cases in the capital. In such a situation, the pace of planning of temporary infrastructure with large infrastructure for Corona patients is also slowing down.

Covid Center

In early June, the government discussed plans to convert indoor stadiums into temporary hospitals, but the question arises whether Delhi no longer needs temporary hospitals? Is the decreasing number of patients a big reason for this?

In fact, many high-tech Covid centers were built in Delhi in the last 25 days, but the number of beds in these Covid centers is much less than the number of patients. A similar scene was found on Wednesday from the Lok Nayak Hospital (LNJP) of Central Delhi, the first Covid Center in Shehnai Banquet Hall in Delhi. A maximum of 60 patients were admitted in the 100-bed Shehnai Banquet Hall’s Covid Center at one time, but on July 15, not a single patient was admitted.

When the number of patients at the Shehnai Banquet Hall Covid Care Center was zero, LNJP Hospital Director Dr Suresh Kumar said that some of the patients present here have been transferred to the Commonwealth Games Village Covid Care Center in East Delhi, who were normal corona patients and finalists Test reports were waiting for the negative arrival.

Dr. Suresh Kumar clarified that the patients of the Shehnai Banquet Hall Covid Center have been temporarily transferred and the Shehnai Banquet Hall is still attached with the LNJP Hospital and patients will be sent whenever necessary.

Decreased number of corona patients admitted

When asked whether the number of corona infects in Delhi is constantly decreasing due to the vacant Shehnai Banquet Hall Covid Center? On this, Dr. Suresh Kumar said that the number of patients has definitely reduced considerably from 2 weeks. Earlier, 100 to 110 patients were admitted daily in LNJP Hospital, but now only 50 to 60 patients are being admitted daily. Along with this, the death rate has also come down.

Covid Center not being closed now

At the same time, Rajat Jain, chairman of Doctors for You, who handles the arrangement at the Shehnai Banquet Hall Covid Center, said that at present, the Covid Center is not being closed, but patients will be admitted again if needed. Rajat Jain said that not a single patient is currently admitted in the Shehnai Banquet Hall, but if the Lok Nayak Hospital needs it, the patient will be admitted immediately.

The thing to note here is that in the 2000-bed LNJP Hospital treating Corona, 1509 beds are empty, while only 491 beds are admitted to patients. In such a situation, there seems little scope of sending patients to the Shehnai Banquet Hall Covid Center.

Kejriwal said – a few days and we will continue preparations

Even when Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was asked that the recovery rate in Delhi has exceeded 80 percent, is there a need for a Covid Center built to increase beds in the past? In response to this, Arvind Kejriwal said, ‘I believe that even if the beds are empty for a few days, but if the spike comes, it is not that we are incomplete. So, the beds are looking empty now, but we will continue this preparation for a few more days, so that if tomorrow a spike comes, we will be ready.

Beds are also lying vacant in Sarkar Patel Covid Center

Radha Swami Satsang Beas, a 10,000-bed arrangement in South Delhi, also named as Sardar Patel Covid Center, is being called the world’s largest Covid Center. On the first day, 20 patients were admitted on July 5, while by July 15, 4 patients recovered and went home and treatment of more than 200 corona patients is currently underway here. It is clear that a large number of beds are also empty in Radha Swami Covid Center.

Beds are also empty in the Commonwealth Games Village

Apart from this, only 79 Corona patients have been admitted to the 500-bed Covid Center in the Commonwealth Games Village (CWG) in East Delhi. The Covid Center in the CWG Village has several high-tech facilities for monitoring patients, besides CCTV cameras, although a large number of beds are empty here.

As of now, as of July 15, according to the data released by the government, 73.82 percent beds in government and private hospitals are empty. A total of 15,363 beds are available in Delhi, out of which only 4021 have patients, while 11,342 are vacant. At the same time, 78.14 percent beds are empty in Covid Care Center. Of the total 9284 beds are available, out of which only 2029 are inpatient, while 7255 beds are empty.

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