What is going viral: A post is going viral on social media. The post claimed, ‘A fight passed from IIT with Gold Medal has created an app named Signal. The boy hails from a village in Uttar Pradesh. Coding is done in Sanskrit to create this app. This app has been awarded the Best New App of 2021 by NASA and UNESCO.

And what is the truth?

To find out the truth of this post, we searched Google on keywords related to the Signal app. In the search result, we found the official website of Signal App .
According to the website, the founder of the Signal App is Moxie Marlinspike and computer programmer Brian Acton. He hails from America.

The Signal Messaging app is an American company, which was launched on July 29, 2014.
It is clear that the post that is going viral on social media is fake. The founders and computer programmers of the Signal App are Indian, not American.


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