After involving the private sector in vaccination, for the first time on Thursday, about 1.4 million doses have been given in India in a day. This is 40% higher than on Wednesday. The number of doses given has more than doubled in the last four days. 5.52 lakh doses were given on 1 March, which increased to 13.88 lakh doses on 4 March. That is, more than double the increase.

According to the data of the Health Ministry till 8 am on Friday, 1.80 crore doses have been given in India so far. In this 1.47 crore people got at least first dose, while 32.08 lakh people have got second dose also.

Corona vaccination began in the country on 16 January with vaccination to healthcare workers. From 2 February, the frontline workers also started getting vaccinated. A second dose is being given to healthcare workers from 13 February. The second dose to frontline workers began on 2 March. From March 1, the government included senior citizens and people aged 45-59 who are suffering from serious illnesses in the vaccination. Also, private hospitals were also authorized to be vaccinated. Since then, the figures are gaining momentum.

Vaccination update …

The first dose was given to 10.56 lakh people in 16,081 sessions on the 48th day of vaccination. Apart from these, 3.31 lakh healthcare and frontline workers were awarded the second dose.
Together, 1.48 crore first doses and 32.08 lakh other doses have been given so far. Total 1.80 crore doses.

India is behind the US only in applying vaccine doses every day, India is behind only the US in giving vaccine doses every day. In the US, about 17 lakh people are currently being given vaccine doses every day. India ranks second in terms of about 14 lakh doses per day. The UK is at number three after this, with an average of three and a half lakh vaccine doses being given every day.


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