Former IAS questions Bihar bureaucracy, says officer failed to deal with Corona

Former IAS questions Bihar bureaucracy, says officer failed to deal with Corona

In the midst of the growing Corona crisis in Bihar, former IAS officer Afzal Amannullah has taken a dig at the Bihar government. Afzal released a video saying that Bihar has not made any preparations to deal with the corona virus epidemic in the last seven months. Now the condition is that people are in panic.

In his 14-minute video message, Afzal has targeted Bihar’s bureaucracy. He has said that the authorities have completely failed to deal with the atmosphere of Corona in Bihar. He said that the administration of Bihar has been paralyzed, neither any purchase nor any other work was done.

Amannullah has also given many suggestions to correct the situation. He said that if he gives full facilities and money to the doctor, then he will work happily. Fulfill what was promised to para medical staff. Amannullah has said that if the officers work properly, then everything can be fine about the Corona in Bihar.

Amannulla says that if the officer wishes, the situation can be cured in a week. Save people You haven’t done anything since January. Forget it and start working now, otherwise no one will forgive you. The officer does not tell anything to the minister or the chief minister. Why so? Officers are government servants, their job is to give proper advice to the government.

Right advice

He said that the government will do what it wants to do. Amannullah said that he gave the right advice to the Chief Minister or the minister during his job. Nobody said don’t give advice. There is no politician who does not listen. Although the government did not work later, the officer is not to blame. He also told the officials not to get into politics.

Popular officials of Bihar

Let us know that Afzal Amannullah has been a famous officer of Bihar. He has taken charge of Home Secretary and Health Secretary of Bihar. Apart from this, during his deputation in the center, he has held many important positions. After the retirement, the Bihar government has made him the chairman of RERA.


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