Gaya: Facebook account of Prem Kumar, former Bihar Agriculture Minister cum Bihar MLA, has been hacked. The cyber criminals have hacked the account of the BJP leader and tampered with his profile photo and other information. Criminals have removed their photo from the account and put a photo of a foreign girl.

Here, when the matter was brought to the notice of the BJP leader, his senses were blown. He complained of this complaint to the Kotwali police station in the district and demanded action.

Former minister Prem Kumar’s social media account hacked, politicians shocked to see picture of girl in profile

Photo of foreign girl put in profile picture

In this regard, former Minister Prem Kumar said that his Facebook account has been hacked on Monday. Many workers gave this information on the phone. After that, when he logged himself in Facebook, he saw that a photo of a foreign girl has been removed by removing her photo from the profile picture and many information has also been tampered with.

BJP leader demands tough action

In this case, the BJP leader has given full information by talking to Gaya SSP Aditya Kumar over phone. At the same time, a written complaint has also been lodged at the Kotwali police station. At the same time, in this whole case, the former minister has demanded the police to investigate the case and take strict legal action against the culprits. It has also appealed to the public to change the password of their social media account from time to time to avoid cybercrime.

SP said this

Here, in this regard, Gaya SP says that Gaya SSP Aditya Kumar, taking the matter seriously, has ordered the police to investigate the police and arrest the culprits. At the same time, the police station is engaged in further action under the police IT Act.


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