The political upheaval has not stopped in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has again taken on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He said that the BJP has created the entire game of toppling the government. The public will not forgive their leaders. Gehlot has also surrounded BSP supremo Mayawati through tweet.

At the same time, CM Gehlot, pointing to his rebel MLAs, said that if anyone is angry, he should go to the party high command, AICC, come to the state Congress committee. All of you have come on the Congress hand trail by winning. In such a situation, you should come with the government. The CM said that what will happen in the session will decide the Business Advisory Committee.

In a tone filled, Gehlot said that the rate has increased after the date of the assembly session has been fixed. Unlimited is rated. Those who have not taken the first installment, should come back. BJP leaders go to Delhi in secret, God bless them.

Taking a dig at the BJP, Gehlot said that the name of Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat came up in this conspiracy, but his resignation is not yet done. In the Congress Raj, ministers who did so would resign. I have made Prime Minister Narendra Modi aware of the entire development, but a conspiracy is being hatched to bring down the government in the Corona era. Instead of saving someone’s life, the Modi government has to ‘Make governments fall, make Congress free India’.

Gehlot said that I believe the rhetoric that Mayawati is doing, she is doing at the behest of BJP. The way the BJP is misusing the CBI-ED-Income Tax, it is threatening, what is happening in Rajasthan, everyone knows… Mayawati is also afraid of them, she is making a statement in compulsion Huh. Whatever the circumstances, I do not remain tense. I have received a God gift, no matter what the circumstances, I live with the truth.

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