Politics has intensified due to rising prices of petrol diesel in the country. In West Bengal, the Mamta government has announced a reduction of one rupee in oil prices in the state. This decision will be applicable from midnight on Sunday. Looking at the assembly elections, this decision of the Mamta government is being said to be important.

At the same time, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reduce the tax being imposed on oil. They have written that their prices are at historical highs these days. I do not understand how any government can justify such thoughtless and insensitive decisions. These decisions are increasing the burden on the people of the country.

Withdrawal of increased rates: Sonia
Sonia wrote in letter to PM, ‘I request you to withdraw the price hike as soon as possible and the common man of our country with our middle class, salaried class, our farmers and the poor Relief should be given to the public. ‘

Questions raised on excise duty
Sonia wrote that in the last six and a half years, the government has increased excise duty on diesel by 820% and on petrol by 258%. With this, the government has earned 21 lakh crores from the people. Now this money should reach the people for whom it has been collected.

Middle class of the country in trouble: Sonia,
he wrote that large-scale jobs have ended in the country and people’s income has also come down. The middle class of the country is struggling with troubles at the moment. Inflation has increased in the country and the prices of essential commodities have also been increased. This has added to the worries of the people, but even in such difficult circumstances, the government is not giving up the benefits of the people’s troubles and troubles.

, the price of petrol and diesel was also cut by Rs 5 in the BJP-ruled state of Assam. It was announced in the Legislative Assembly on 12 February by the State Finance Minister Hemanta Vishwasarma.

The price increased 24 times in 52 days
, till February 21 this year, the rate of petrol and diesel has increased 14 times. During this time, petrol in Delhi has become expensive by Rs 4.03 and diesel by Rs 4.24. Earlier in January, the rate increased 10 times. During this time, the price of petrol was increased by Rs 2.59 and diesel by Rs 2.61. On the other hand, if you talk about 2021, petrol has become costlier by Rs 6.77 and diesel by Rs 7.10 per liter so far this year.

3 reasons why petrol and diesel are expensive
Crude oil is at the most expensive level in 13 months. Crude oil has become costlier by 23% so far this year. On January 1, Brent crude was priced at $ 51 per barrel. It has now crossed $ 63. The reason for this is that positive growth is being seen in economic activity worldwide. Fuel demand has increased due to this. The central government is not reducing excise duty on petrol and diesel. If you take the example of Delhi, then there is an excise duty of Rs 32.90 on a liter of petrol and Rs 31.80 on diesel. State governments also impose VAT on petrol and diesel. For example, one liter of petrol in Delhi includes VAT of Rs 20.61.


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