HC Order On Doctors Salary Crisis - Delhi Government Gives 8 Crores In 15 Days

Delhi High Court has directed the Delhi government to give Rs 8 crore to the North MCD within 15 days in case of non-payment of salaries to the doctors of 6 hospitals of North MCD of Delhi. Doctors of 6 hospitals of North MCD, including Bada Hindu Rao Hospital, Kasturba Hospital of North MCD, have been paid only till May.

In April, doctors working in MCD hospitals threatened to go on strike if salary was not paid. After this, the Delhi High Court had summoned the MCD and the Delhi government, taking suo motu cognizance of this entire matter. During the hearing held in June, the court gave instructions to give the salary of doctors from April to May. On the court’s order, the Delhi government transferred funds to the North MCD.

During the hearing on Wednesday in this case, the MCD told the court that the funds given by the Delhi government have not been received for the salary of the doctors. On this, the Delhi government has asked the MCD to give Utilization Certificate. This certificate shows that in which items MCD spent the funds given by the Delhi government. The court has directed the MCD to send Utilization Certificate to Delhi Government. At the same time, the government has also made it clear that without waiting for the Utilization Certificate, Delhi Government should give Rs 8 crore to the North MCD for doctors within 15 days.

The court said that the fight between the Delhi government and the MCD over funds should not affect the salary of doctors. Given the way doctors have treated their lives at this time of Corona, they should not be harassed by the Delhi Government or MCD for salary. The court said that the doctors should be paid on time, take full care of the MCD and the Delhi government should fund the MCD on time.

The six MCD hospitals whose doctors have not received salary include Bada Hindu Rao Hospital, Kasturba Hospital, Maharishi Valmiki Hospital, Rajendra Babu Hospital, Balak Ram Hospital and Girdhari Lal Hospital. The next hearing in this case will now be held on 1 September in Delhi High Court.

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