India’s position in terms of throwing away food is better than the neighboring countries. An Indian family wastes 50 kg of food per person every year. This figure is 74 kg in Pakistan, which is facing financial crisis. This claim has been made in the Food Waste Index Report-2121 of the United Nations. The report says, 931 million metric tons of food is wasted annually in the world, accounting for 17 per cent.

How much food wasted before eating
, according to the research release report, many countries have not yet started to find out how much food they are throwing away. Governments need to be tracked so that a clearer picture can be seen. The United Nations is working through research to find out how much food wasted before reaching humans. After this detection, more accurate figures will be revealed.

The direct impact of waste on environment and economy, the
report says, food waste has a direct impact on the environment and economy. If this is stopped, the emission of green gases will decrease. Land will be more available, pollution will be reduced and food can be made available to the people who are craving for food.

Inger Anderson, director of the United Nations’ Environmental Program, says, “If climate change, natural harm and pollution are to be stopped, we have to work together.” Governments and citizens have to stop food wastage.

In 2019 always craved the 69 million people eat
, according to the report, always craved to eat 69 million people in 2019. This figure may prove to be increased for 2020, given the devastation caused by the scandal. The report says, take every necessary step to prevent food wastage so that it reaches the needy.


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