Jharkhand: Naxalites threaten posters in schools and dozens of villages

In dozens of villages, including a school in the Tamar police station area of ​​Jharkhand, Naxalites put up threatening posters, causing a stir in the area. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and seized the posters. In these posters, it has been said that land broker beware and to remove police camp from school.

The Naxalite villages where the posters were put up include Pundidiri, Soralonga, Patsyadih, Edalpiri and Mankiydih School among others. In Jharkhand, Naxalites are slowly registering their presence once again through posters.

If the Naxalite incidents are seen, the PLFI militants and Maoists have been a challenge in the border areas of Ranchi for a long time. In these areas, incidents of firing and poster shootings by Naxalites are also being seen continuously.

The border areas of Ranchi have been kept soft targets by the Naxalites. In these areas, incidents of recovery by Naxalites from many businessmen including construction, coal traders, crushers, railway lines continue to emerge.

At the same time, police has been alerted about the incident of Naxalite posters in Tamad. At present, the police is investigating this entire case. The Maoists in Tamad have done posterity at a time when the entire country including Jharkhand is struggling with the corona virus epidemic. Corona virus cases in India are steadily increasing.

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