5 Aspects Of Kidnapping And Murder Police Accuses Them Of Collaborating With Criminals

After the Kanpur shootout, the police-criminal nexus has already been exposed in UP on a large scale. Now another case of Kanpur once again put a bad reputation on khaki. This is the case of the kidnapping and murder of lab technicians, which is very much discussed. Because of which the UP Police is getting very dirty. This exposes the shocking omissions and apathy of the police in 5 points, the allegations of the family members of the victim.

1- Lab technician Sanjit Yadav’s family claims that he received the first call for ransom from the kidnappers on June 29, a week after Sanjit’s missing complaint was filed. If the police are saying that the lab technician was murdered on June 26 or 27, why did they make the first call after the murder? The family has alleged a nexus between the suspended Barra Inspector Ranjit Rai and the kidnappers.

2- Sanjeet’s family received more than 15 ransom phone calls. After this, he contacted the police. Then suspended IPS officer Aparna Gupta asked him to arrange Rs 30 lakh as ransom and assured the family that all arrangements were being made to nab the culprits.

Then on 13 July, after being insisted by the police, Sanjit Yadav’s father Chaman went to Gujaini highway with Rs 30 lakh. He talked to the hijackers for 30 minutes and then threw a bag full of money at the railway crossing from the flyover. Even after this, Sanjit was not released and the ransom amount was not recovered.

3- After the matter came up in the media, the police put pressure on Sanjit’s family to tell everyone that no money was taken from them. Sanjit’s family suspects that the local police, including the suspended Barra inspector, may have taken ransom money in collusion with the kidnappers.

4. It is also alleged by the family that after the kidnapping of Sanjeet, the police was very negligent. When those people sat on a dharna outside the office of SSP Dinesh Kumar P in Kanpur, then a proper inquiry was ordered in this matter.

5- Despite this dreadful incident which exposed the negligence of the police, Kanpur DM Brahmadev Ram Tiwari and SSP Dinesh Kumar did not come to meet the victim’s family. While it was also confirmed that Sanjit was murdered by his friends and his body was dumped in the Pandu canal.

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