During the early days of pregnancy, when a woman has to drive a car from work, it is also very important to take care of some important things. Getting up and down in the car becomes very important in the seat belt. In this report, we are telling you that if you have to drive during pregnancy, then keep in mind what things so that you do not have any problem.

The right way to install seat belts:
If you want to drive a car during pregnancy or to sit on the adjacent seat, then it is very important to install the seat belt correctly. It is very important to take care of the correct position of the seat belt. The seat belt should be below the abdominals while the seat belt passing beside the shoulders should be removed between the chest.

Make distance from the steering wheel While
driving the car, try to keep distance from the steering wheel, so that there is no pressure on the stomach while driving. Not only this, you can also fold the car seat back and forth according to your convenience. Because if an accident happens and the airbag opens, then its direct pressure will not come on your stomach.

Be sure to
apply support behind the waist, often the pain associated with the waist during pregnancy bothers you, in such a situation, if there is a chance of driving, then you can put a pillow to support the waist. So always keep a pillow in the car.

Avoid traveling as long
as possible Avoid taking long journeys during pregnancy, especially when the delivery date is near. If it is necessary to go in the initial days, then take a break for some time during the journey, for this you spread the legs, rotate the ankle and shake the toe, doing this will give you rest.

Keep water with you
. Always keep a water bottle in your car, but remember, the water bottle should not be plastic. You should use glass or steel bottle only.


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