There has been a major encounter between policemen and Naxalites in Maharashtra’s Naxal-affected Gadchiroli district. Information about the martyrdom of a C-60 commando and injuries to some in a 12-hour encounter is being revealed. The official number is not yet clear. The injured commandos are being shifted to Nagpur. Commandos are stranded at the site of the encounter. Help has been sought from the Airforce to evacuate them.

In South Gadchiroli, this encounter between policemen and Naxalites took place in Korpsari forest. This area falls on the Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border. According to sources, the attack on the C-60 jawans came while they were conducting a search operation in some villages. A large number of Naxalites arrived in these villages. During this fierce firing took place on both sides. More than 270 policemen of the Kanker police have been dispatched to the spot.

Airforce help is taken at the time of
elections Airforce help is taken during Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Gadchiroli. However, never before has the Air Force’s help been taken during an encounter with a Naxalite or a Naxalite attack.

Who are the C-60 Anti-Naxal Commandos
Since the establishment of Gadchiroli district, Naxalite activities had increased in the entire region. To ban this, the then SP KP Raghuvanshi established C-60 on 1 December 1990. At that time, only 60 special commandos were recruited in this force, due to which it got this name. To prevent Naxalite activities, Gadchiroli district was divided into two parts. First North Department, Second South Department.

The C-60 commandos are also
given administrative training and special training is given to these commandos. They are trended to take action at any time of the day and night. He is trained at Hyderabad, NSG Camp Manesar, Kanker, Hazaribad. Apart from the anti-Naxal campaign, these soldiers also work with the families, relatives and relatives of the Naxalites and inform them about the government’s plans and add them to the mainstream of the society. They also gather information about administrative problems in Naxalite areas.

In 2019, 15 soldiers were martyred in the Naxalite attack.
Earlier, on May 3, 2019, more than 100 Naxalites sat ambush and did a similar attack. 15 QRT personnel were killed in the IED blast in Gadchiroli. The CPI (Maoist) commander of North Gadchiroli, Bhaskar, was said to be the master mind of the attack.


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