More than 1700 workers Corona positive in Surat Diamond market, demand to increase trading timings

Already facing many kinds of difficulties, the diamond industry in Surat has now wreaked havoc on the corona. More than 1,700 workers of this industry have been found to be corona positive. Qatargram and Varachha, centers of the diamond industry, have become the hotspots of Corona.

The Surat Diamond Association on Monday requested the Municipal Commissioner to extend the diamond trading time and allow 2 people to sit on each amery wheel (a device used for diamond grinding and polishing).

Municipal corporation made strict rules

Surat Municipal Corporation Commissioner B.N. Pani has set some standard operating procedures (SOPs) for businessmen and factory owners. The Municipal Corporation has asked companies to employ only 50 per cent of their workers at a time and only one person sits on every Emery wheel in factories for polishing. The markets have been allowed to open from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Soliciting businessmen

According to the Indian Express, Babubhai Vidia, secretary of the Traders Association, said, “The rules are so strict that it has become difficult for this industry to do business.” We are demanding from the administration that business hours should be increased in the market and two people should be allowed to sit on one wheel.

But Pani said, ‘This rule has been made because the cases of Kovid-19 are increasing in the district. If the number of corona cases is less, then we will think about softening this SOP.

Significantly, Corona cases are increasing in the whole country as well as in Gujarat. The government has opened up the markets due to economic compulsions, but due to this the increasing cases of Corona are presenting a different type of challenge. The diamond industry is also suffering huge losses due to Corona.

In normal days, where 100 percent of the diamond workers worked in the diamond factory, only 25 percent of the workers are working at the time of Corona.

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