If a person is determined in his mind then nothing is impossible. The mother-son of Baramati, Maharashtra, proved this by passing the tenth examination simultaneously. The mother has achieved success in class X by studying with her son. Baby Gurav, who hails from Baramati, has proved herself while doing household work and sewing work in the company, she has become a Nazir.

Baby Gurav works in tailoring at Pioneer Calicose Company in the textile park of Baramati. His dream of passing 10th was left unfulfilled due to family reasons. Due to her circumstances, she could not complete her studies. Many times he thought of completing his studies, but it was not possible due to the bad situation.

When his boy Sadanand was studying in class X, then his desire to study became stronger once more. In this, her husband Pradeep encouraged her a lot. When husband’s encouragement and son’s support came, he picked up books again and started studying. Taking time out of her work, she started studying on free time during the day.

Baby Guru decided to take the matriculation examination and started studying, fulfilling all the responsibilities. While taking care of the housework and doing sewing work in the company, Baby continued to prepare all the free time she had. When the time of examination came, he intensified his preparation with his son.

In this way, he took the tenth examination with his son. When the tenth result came out two days ago, both mother and son passed with good marks. Baby Guru told that my son Sadanand explained difficult math, English and science to me. While cooking, the son continuously helped in studies.Baby’s husband Pradeep Gurav said that he is very proud of his wife. How the compulsion to work at home and go to the company on time could not beat Baby. He used to have difficulty in studies due to so much work, but whenever he got time, he used to sit in the bus stop or lunch break with his tenth class book.

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