The Divisional Commissioner of Gwalior division of Madhya Pradesh has issued such an order, which has caused a stir among the government officials and employees of the entire division. The Commissioner of Gwalior Division BM Ojha has ordered that officers and employees of government offices located in all the districts falling under the division should come to office in decent and formal dress only. If they do not do so, action will be taken against them.

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Talking to reporters, Commissioner BM Ojha said that it is often seen that in different government meetings, government officials and employees come wearing clothes that do not fit their post. While one of the rules that remain for government employees, there is also a rule of clothing according to the post.

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He told, ‘Recently I and IG Sahab were on a tour of Ashoknagar district. At the meeting, an officer came wearing fed jeans. If there is a meeting of the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary or Collector, it is seen that some officials do not come wearing the right clothes. In one such meeting in Mandsaur, an officer came wearing a t-shirt which was wrong.

Will be action

The commissioner said, ‘Many officers also go to court wearing such clothes as if they have gone to listen to an anecdote while the lawyers are there in dress. Therefore, I have taken this order that all government servants should wear modest and formal dress. If you do this then it is good but if you do not follow it then action will also be taken against them.

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