MP: In the hotel with boyfriend, the girl's body was found after a while

In a private hotel room in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, a young woman was murdered with a sharp weapon. After committing the incident, the accused absconded. The manager of the hotel informed the police about this. It is being told that the girl left home for coaching. But with her lover, she reached a hotel in Nanakhed area. The police is looking for the killer.

The sensation spread in the Nanakheda police station area of ​​Ujjain when the dead body of a girl was recovered from the hotel room. The girl’s name is being described as Tanu Parihar. Who reached the hotel sitting in an auto. The operator of the hotel says that both the accused Subhash Porwal and Tanu Parihar had taken a room at the Natraj Hotel in Ujjain, saying that they would stay till the evening.

After about 1.30 hours, the accused Subhash escaped from the spot by pretending to take the goods from the market. After a long time, the hotel manager had some doubts. He went to the room and saw that there was a door from outside and inside the room the dead body of the woman was lying on the bed .


Traces of blood were visible all over the room. The hotel manager immediately informed the police. The girl was murdered by strangulation, the police is currently investigating the matter in depth. The accused is still absconding. An attempt is being made to apprehend him. The CCTV camera installed in the hotel is trying to find out about the young man.

Police started searching for accused

TI OP Ahir of Nanakheda police station says that a corpse was found in room number 308 of Natraj Lodge, which is being investigated. The girl’s name is Tanu Parihar, she is killed with a sharp weapon. The ID is under investigation.


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