Hockey India president Mohammad Mushtaq Ahmed has resigned from his post following orders from the Sports Ministry. His resignation has been approved by the Executive Board of Hockey India. The board has appointed Gyanendro Nigombaum, Senior Vice President of Manipur until the election of the new president.

Mushtaq Ahmad stepped down after Hockey India President's resignation Sports Ministry order

Mushtaq submitted his resignation to the executive board on 7 July, a day after the ministry order. His resignation was approved at the emergency board emergency meeting on Friday.

Mushtaq stepped down citing personal reasons

Hockey India issued a statement saying, “The Hockey India Executive Board held an emergency meeting today and Gyanendro Nimombam of Manipur was made the acting president of Hockey India.” Mushtaq sent his resignation to Hockey India on 7 July.

In this, he had said to leave the post for personal and family reasons. Mushtaq’s resignation was accepted in the meeting convened today. The Sports Ministry had found that Ahmed had violated the Sports Code Guidelines in the 2018 elections. He held the post of president only after these elections.

The letter was sent by the Sports Ministry to resign on July 6, after the Delhi High Court did not recognize the 57 Sports Federation, the Sports Ministry has taken a strong stand against the National Sports Federations. The Ministry of Sports sent a letter on 6 July asking Mushtaq Ahmed to resign from the post.

The ministry said in its order that their election in 2018 is a violation of the guidelines of the National Sports Code. At the same time, the Sports Ministry in a letter sent to Hockey India Secretary General Rajinder Singh on July 6, asked for fresh elections for the post of President by September 30.

The election of the president did not meet the rules. In a letter sent by the Ministry of Sports to the Secretary General of Hockey India, it was said that Mushtaq Ahmed has been the Hockey India Treasurer from 2010 to 2104 and General Secretary from 2014 to 2018. He then became the President of Hockey India from 2018 to 2022. This is his third consecutive term as an officer, a violation of the National Sports Code’s age and tenure guidelines.

After the amendment, only the chairman can hold the post for three consecutive terms, under the National Sports Code (2011), Sports Federation officials can hold the post for two consecutive 4-4 years. However, only the Speaker can complete three consecutive terms after the amendment. There is a dispute between the Federation and the Sports Ministry on the issue since Ahmed became the chairman in 2018.

In response to an RTI, the Sports Ministry had termed Ahmed’s election as Hockey India President in October 2018 a violation of the Sports Code. The ministry had written to him in a letter dated 13 February 2019 asking him to step down and hold Hockey India a fresh election.

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