On January 26, Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava held a press conference on the violence in Delhi. In it, he told that on the evening of January 25, we came to know that the farmers were renouncing their promises. They put forward the fiery people. Only such people were captured on stage. He gave inflammatory speeches. This made his intention clear.

The police commissioner said that the farmers broke their promise, but we exercised restraint. He warned that those who commit violence will no longer be spared. He told that these people started the march on Singhu at 8.30 am before the scheduled time. According to the agreement, they should have turned to the right, but they did not go there and sat on the dharna. His leader Satnam Pannu delivered a provocative speech. The farmers then bent on breaking the barricades. Darshan Pal also refused to go the fixed route.

Clip of speech of Satnam Pannu appeared

In the same manner, protesters started at 8:30 pm from Tikri and Singhu. When the farmers were asked to start the parade at the fixed time of 12 o’clock, they refused and broke the barricades and proceeded. The police also showed a clip of Satnam Singh Pannu’s provocative speech given at Mukarba Chowk. In this, Satnam Pannu is saying that the farmers break the barricades and go ahead and after this the violence started. The farmers who came out of Tikri staged a sit-in at Nangloi. These people also broke barricades and committed violence. Removing the road blocks from a container, these people reached the Red Fort.

5 rounds of meeting held for the parade

The commissioner said that after getting information about the tractor parade, we held a 5-round meeting with the farmer leaders. Apart from this, there were many phone conversations. He was told that on 26 January when the country is celebrating Republic Day, you should not take out a march on that day. You then take out the march. He denied this. When he insisted, we said that you march on Kondli-Manesar-Palwal route.

He said that we assured the farmers that we will cooperate with them in traffic, safety and coverage. He decided to take out a tractor march in Delhi itself. In the 5 round meeting, 3 routes were finally decided. The root of Singhu was the first. Its distance was 63 kilometers. The route of Tikri was 74 kilometers. The third route was of Ghazipur, which was 46 kilometers.

The rally was allowed with some conditions

The Police Commissioner said that on January 26, some terms and conditions were given to him. Our first condition was that the Kisan Rally should start at 12 noon. Lead the Farmer Leader tractor march and stay in the front row. It was also decided that the leaders should accompany each tractor so that they could control the batch. There should not be more than 5 thousand tractors and there should be no such thing as any weapon, spear, sword. Discipline remained in the rally. All these conditions were accepted by the peasant leaders.

Police maintain agreement

The commissioner said that we had all the intelligence information. We were working accordingly. If there were any shortcomings in this, we would not have information like Twitter handle and social media. But, there was agreement and we wanted to stick to it. This was the only way in which we could work in the interest of all. Despite this violence, not a single person died at the hands of the police. The police handled the situation with restraint and got information about the people who were behind it.


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