Schools and colleges are closed due to Corona virus outbreak. In such a situation, students are studying through online classes. While this facility will be easy for the students living in cities, but it has actually become a problem for some students who live in remote areas and cannot afford the internet or high speed in their area. There is no internet service.

Students of Sambalpur in Odisha are facing similar problems. Where internet facility is not being provided adequately. Due to this, students are not able to attend online classes.

Let me tell you, students of Swami Shivanand Sanskrit College in Devghar do not have high-speed internet facility to join online classes. Students have to climb a 150-feet-high water tank to connect to mobile networks and online classes. This incident is from Nathimal area of ​​Landibal village in Sambalpur district of Odisha.

Students are taking their lives by risking 150 feet high water tank and taking classes. Carry mobile phones, notebooks, earphones and other necessary items with him for studies.

Schools and colleges in the village have been closed due to the outbreak of Corona virus and the internet network is very weak. Apart from this, there is also a group of students who do not have a smartphone to attend online classes.

One student said, “We have to climb a 150-feet-high water tank so that we can have 4G internet network as it is necessary to stream educational videos or live classes. However, at the ground level we only need 2G internet We get speed. We have written many letters to the Chief Minister and Collector for 3G or 4G connection in our village, but we have not received any response.

He said that therefore we have to climb on a high water tank to get a proper network, whereas classes are missed during the rainy days. Significantly, the number of corona virus in the country has crossed 1.6 million. At the same time, the death toll has exceeded 35 thousand. Keeping all these figures in mind, the government has ordered the government and private schools to be closed till 31 August.

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