The figures of corona patients are once again disturbing in the country. The maximum number of patients is increasing in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Puducherry, Tripura and Chandigarh. The situation has improved in Kerala for the last three days.

On the other hand, seeing the increase in the number of patients, the Maharashtra government has once again started resolutely in many cities of the state. It has been decided to impose a one-week lockdown in Amravati. It will be effective from 8 pm on Monday night. During this time essential goods shops will be open from 9 am to 5 pm.

At the same time, the Pune district administration has also imposed a night curfew. Here people have been barred from leaving the house from 11 am to 6 am. Only evacuation will be allowed. Schools and colleges have also been closed till 28 February. After Pune, preparations have been started for night curfew in Nagpur, Yavatmal and Mumbai too. State Minister Vijay Weddetivar also confirmed this. He said that it will be decided in the meeting with the Chief Minister today.

The central government again ordered to increase the testing
, the daily testing of the entire country has been recorded to have decreased by 5 lakhs in the last one month. Till December, where around 11 lakh people were screened every day, now an average of 6 lakh people are being tested. Reducing the number of tests is also a major reason for the increase in corona cases in the states. Now again, the Union Health Ministry has written a letter to all these 9 states and Union Territory Governments and ordered to increase the testing. The ministry has said that maximum corona infects should be traced through testing to prevent the infection from spreading again.

India joins the top-15 infected countries
once again in the list of 15 countries in the world, where Corona has the most active cases. That means such patients who are undergoing treatment, the rest are either cured or they have died.

India has come at number 15 in this list. On 30 January, Portugal had reached number 17, overtaking Indonesia and Ireland. It was then hoped that soon the list of top-20 infected countries of the world could also be out, but active cases started rising again in the last few days in many states including Maharashtra. Because of this, India has now become one of the most infected countries in the world.

In the United States, France and the UK, the United
States is number one in the case of the worst case. More than 92 lakh patients are being treated here. There are 3.2 million active cases in France and 1.6 million in the UK. Apart from this, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Poland, Ireland, Indonesia, Argentina and India are also included in this list.

So far, 1.09 crore cases on
Saturday, 13 thousand 919 new patients were found in the country. 11 thousand 412 people recovered and 89 died. Thus, an increase of 2486 cases in overall active cases was registered. There have been 9 states and union territories where the number of new patients has increased more than the cured patients. These include Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Puducherry, Tripura and Chandigarh. So far more than 1 crore 9 lakh 91 thousand people have been caught in the infection. Among them, more than 1 crore 6 lakh people have been cured, while 1 lakh 56 thousand 339 patients died. Right now there are 1 lakh 42 thousand 691 patients who are being treated.


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