Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation on Thursday night. Said- cases of infection are increasing in the country. But, some people are saying that they have not seen Coronavirus and there is no such thing. Imran said that this mentality is very dangerous. Imran Khan said that he himself is monitoring the epidemic. The government has made some rules. If they are not followed in malls or elsewhere, they will be closed immediately.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed Thursday night Takes Bigs Steps

As of Friday morning, 1 lakh 25 thousand 933 cases of infection had been confirmed in Pakistan. So far 2463 people have died. Prime Minister is keeping an eye on the situation himself. In a message to the people of the country, Imran said, “I am monitoring the situation of the country myself with respect to Corona. Also see if the rules are being followed. I know what is going on in mosques, courts, offices, parks, industries, shopping malls and transport. I am asking for their report every day. Where government regulations are not followed, action will be taken. These places will be closed immediately if needed.”

Imran Khan did not strictly act first, Imran Khan further said, “At first we did not act harshly. Because, we were doing data collection. But, now I assure you that we will prevent the infection with full force. My government will fully assist the agencies in this matter. ” Imran expressed sadness that some people are taking a very irresponsible attitude on the epidemic. He said, “Some people are saying that we have not seen any corona. We did not see anyone die because of Corona. This is a very dangerous mindset.”

The next month is more heavy According to Imran, the pace at which the infection is increasing in Pakistan, it seems that the next month i.e. July may be heavy. Imran Khan said- We are afraid that the maximum number of cases may come up next month i.e. the infection will be at its peak. Therefore, people should strictly follow the rules that the government has issued. This is a duty for his country.

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