Parle G Biscuits consumed by people in Corona Effect / Lockdown, 82-year record broken in terms of sales, The company’s stock also gained 5%, Lockdown implemented due to coronavirus may have damaged all the businesses but the biscuit company Parle G has gained record. According to the company, its sale during the lockdown was the highest in the last 8 decades.

Parle G created history broken 82-year record best 3 months in 8 decades

Company did not reveal the sales numbers, but it definitely said that this year March, April and May were its best months in the last 8 decades. Parle G has been a favorite brand among the people since 1938. Due to the price being Rs 5, its consumption increased in most homes during lockdown. The same biscuits were distributed to the migrant laborers returning from the big cities to the villages.

Mayank Shah, Head of Parle Products, said that the company’s total market share grew by about 5 percent and 80–90 percent of this growth was due to the sale of Parle G. Mayank Shah said that Parle G was the most accessible food item among the lockdown.

For many, this biscuit was serving lunch, dinner and breakfast. Many state governments also wrote to us to increase the availability of Parle G. Also, many NGOs bought it with the intention of distributing it to the needy. “We have been producing biscuits continuously since 25 March,”

During this time, not only Parle G, but other biscuit companies’ products were also sold. According to experts, in addition to Britannia’s Good Day, Tiger, and Mary Biscuits, Parle G biscuits like Crackjack, Monaco, Hyde & Seek were also sold.

Parle G Products has a total of 130 factories across the country, out of which 120 were continuously in production. At the same time, there are 10 company-owned locations. Parle G brand comes in categories of less than Rs 100 per kg. In the biscuit industry, a third of this is earned. At the same time, it accounts for 50 percent of the total biscuit sales.

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