Patient On Floor Oxygen Cylinder On Shoulder Bihar Hospitals In Corona Crisis

During the Corona period, the health service of Bihar has been exposed. The patient’s visit to the hospital is also costing him dearly. NMCH, the largest Covid hospital in Bihar, is also in such a bad condition that people are craving for treatment. A video of the corona ward of the hospital has gone viral, in which the corona patient is lying on the ground, but no one is going to take care. At the same time, Union Minister of State for Health Ashwini Choubey’s area is also in bad shape. At the same time, a doctor’s wife died in Patna due to lack of treatment.

In the viral video of Nalanda Medical College Hospital (NMCH) in Patna, a corona patient is lying on the ground. Oxygen is on The corona patient is lying down on the ground. At the same time, the employee of the hospital is lying on the stretcher wearing a PPE kit. People are passing by the patient, the hospital staff is also going from there but no one is going to take any care.

There is no electricity in the corona ward of the hospital, due to which the patients are not getting oxygen. The family members of the patients are pleading with the hospital staff from night till morning, but no one is listening, to the extent that the corona patient is lying on the floor in the corridor of the hospital and the hospital workers are passing around, but no one can see it. Ain’t gonna Seeing this situation, a family made a video of the plight of Corona Ward which went viral.

The family of the corona patient told, “There is no electricity in the corona ward. The clothes of the deceased have been lying for three days. We are tired of speaking, yet no one is listening. Now we too have started feeling scared. Here the corpse remains in the side, we are forced to live among the corpses. Complain in the control room but there is no action.

Not only common but also very worried. PMCH doctor Ranjit Sinha’s wife died due to lack of treatment. He made rounds in many big hospitals of Patna to get his wife admitted, but no one admitted. The doctor’s wife Corona was negative. He had problems with BP and sugar.

After getting Dr. Sinha’s wife admitted to Kurji Hospital, the doctors spoke to take him to another hospital for better treatment. Where a cardiologist can be found. From there, corona test was done in Pataliputra hospital. When the test report turned negative, he was admitted to the OPD. But when the situation started to worsen, the doctor said to be admitted in ICU. The doctor took his wife to a large hospital in Bailey Road, but after an hour of questioning, the hospital refused to enroll. Finally, when he reached AIIMS, there was also a storm stop and the wife died at the gate itself.

Let me tell you that when Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey arrived in this hospital, the medical staff also protested against the siege of his car.

The condition of the Union minister’s area is also bad

The condition of Sadar Hospital in Buxar, just 135 km from the capital Patna, is very critical. Buxar is not a minor area. This is the parliamentary constituency of Union Minister of State for Health Ashwani Kumar Choubey, the system has died in Sadar Hospital in his area only.

The wife of Suman Kumar of Sakhuana village in Rajpur, Buxar gave birth to a child in a private hospital in the area, but the newborn had trouble breathing. So to save the baby’s investigation, the couple went to Sadar Hospital, 18 km away. It is alleged that precious time was spent in Kagji Khanapurti in Sadar Hospital. After the slip was made, it was found that the nurse’s shift was over and by the time the other nurse handled the charge and called the doctor, the newborn’s breath was uprooted.

Apart from this, the picture which has come out is painful. The woman is keeping her fresh in a tray. While her husband is carrying oxygen cylinders on his shoulder. The parents kept circling for the newborn but could not get timely treatment and the newborn died.

It is also alleged that the couple first came to the Sadar Hospital for delivery, but the hospital refused to admit then the couple had to move to a private hospital.

That is, corona patient or doctor’s wife or pregnant, there is no treatment in Bihar’s astpals. Even if the treatment is not on time, there is no trace of the arrangement.

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