The National President of Peace Party, Dr. Ayub, has been taken into custody by the Lucknow Police. Lucknow Police raided Dr. Ayub’s residence in Barhalganj, Gorakhpur and arrested him. Doctor Ayub is accused of printing anti-constitutional posters. Police has left for Lucknow after taking custody of Dr. Ayub.

According to the information, posters were printed in the Urdu newspapers of Lucknow. These posters are being called anti-constitution. It is alleged that Dr. Ayub, the head of the Peace Party, had printed these posters. In the case of anti-constitutional posters printed in Urdu newspapers, Lucknow Police has arrested Dr. Ayub. Lucknow police reached Gorakhpur to take Dr. Ayub into custody.

Lucknow Police raided the residence of Dr. Ayub at Barhalganj in collaboration with Gorakhpur police from where Dr. Ayub was taken into custody. Significantly, Dr. Ayub’s Peace Party had filed a petition in the Supreme Court just a few days earlier, seeking to make himself a party in the Kashi-Mathura case.

Significantly, the Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath, who belongs to Gorakhpur, the work place of Dr. Ayub, is counted among his most arrogant leaders. Doctor Ayub had called Yogi Adityanath a terrorist. At the same time, referring to the exterior, I had even talked about conducting a DNA test. Then a poster was also released by the BJP about this, in which Yogi Adityanath was shown in Singham avatar.

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