Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given the CERAWeek Global Energy and Environmental Leadership Award at the Annual International Energy Conference on Friday. PM Modi also addressed this event which took place from 1 to 5 March.

He said that I dedicate this award to the people of my country. I dedicate this award to the glorious tradition of our land, which has shown the way to care for the environment. If you read Indian literature in any language, you will know that people have a deep connection with nature.

He said that as Mahatma Gandhi, we have the greatest environment champion ever. If they follow the path shown by them, then we will not face the problems of today. Today the world is focusing on fitness and wellness. The demand for healthy and organic food is increasing. India can take this change further through its spices and Ayurveda products.

Modi said that climate change and disasters are the biggest challenges today. There are 2 ways to fight them. One originates from politics, laws, rules and orders. They have their own importance, but there is something beyond these words. The most powerful way to fight climate change is to change your behavior.

Special features of PM Modi’s speech

5,000 compressed bio-gas plants will be set up by 2024 to convert the waste into wealth.
More than 38 million tonnes of CO2 have been reduced by installing LED bulbs in the homes of the country.
Its message is clear, let us heal ourselves and the world will become a better place.
Leaders of the energy industry participate in
this annual international conference attended by energy industry leaders, experts, government officials and policy makers, technology sector leaders, financial-industrial entities and energy technology innovators.

IHS Markit, the organizer of the event, said the conference was attended by US President’s representative John Cary, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-president and breakthrough energy founder Bill Gates, and Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser.


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