What is going viral: Recently, Pamela Goswami, leader of BJP Yuva Morcha of West Bengal has been arrested with cocaine. A photo of PM Modi and Pamela Goswami is being shared on social media after the election dates are announced in West Bengal. In the photo, both are seen riding bicycles. Social media users are sharing this picture, writing, ‘PhotoGV with cocaine live’.

And what is the truth?

A careful look at the photo during the investigation reveals that Pamela Goswami and people with her are seen riding a bicycle, while PM Modi has set foot on the ground.
In the next phase of the investigation, we reverse-searched this photo on Google. In the search result, we got the same photo of PM Modi with the news on the live news website Live Mint .
According to the website, this photo is of PM’s foreign tour. It was taken on 28 June 2017. The bicycle that PM Modi is standing with was gifted to him by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.
We found this photo on his social media account after searching for keywords like PM Narendra Modi and bicycle. Which he posted on June 28, 2017.

It is clear that PM Modi’s picture with Pamela Goswami is being spread. The claim being made with the photo is a lie.


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