PMCH doctor wife did not get treatment Dead at AIIMS Gate

Amidst the corona crisis, the system of treatment of the remaining patients is Ram’s trust. Due to this, the wife of Dr Ranjit Sinha of PMCH died in Patna, Bihar due to lack of treatment. He made rounds of several big hospitals in Patna to get his wife admitted to the hospital but no one admitted him. However his wife did not have corona virus and she was corona negative.

In fact, the health of the wife of the PMCH doctor had worsened. Wife was sugar and BP’s patient. After getting him admitted to Kurji Hospital, doctors asked him to take him to another hospital for better treatment, where he could get the services of a cardiologist. From there, a corona test was done in the hospital of Pataliputra and the test report came negative and was admitted to the OPD. Although the situation worsened a little, the doctor said to be admitted to the ICU.

Kept going round and died

After this, the distraught doctor Ranjit took his wife to a large hospital on the banks of Bailey Road, but after an hour of questioning, she was refused admission. IGIC came but the doctor on duty there advised to take them to a good center but not admitted. Finally he reached AIIMS. There too, the storm was kept for hours and meanwhile the wife died at the gate itself.

Doctor Ranjit Sinha is shocked by the death of his wife. Doctor Ranjith says that if his wife had received treatment in time, the situation would have been different. At the same time, in this case, Dr. Ranjit has written a letter to the IMA, demanding appropriate action on the private hospital.

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