PMO Home Ministry Office Fake Chief Security Officer Arrested By Police

If you are looking for a life partner through a matrimonial website, then be cautious. Do not become a victim of any big vicious thug in the circle of getting a life partner. The Delhi Police has arrested one such vicious thug, who had maintained a fake profile on his matrimonial website. The accused also called himself the Chief Security Officer in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Home Affairs and used to attack people.

The name of the accused is Mudit. He wrote on his profile that he owns several factories. Also, expensive and luxurious cars have been given on rent. He used to cleverly target divorced working women who earn at least one lakh rupees a month. If a woman or a girl met Mudit, Mudit would first spend money on him and lie to him a lot.

Mudit would tell the woman or girl a false story of his big business and then when the woman believed Mudit, he would make a fictional story and sometimes talk about the damage in the factory, sometimes the accident of his car. And started asking for money from the woman. When Mudit felt that the woman was completely under his control, he would have taken a personal loan from his account as well. Then when he felt that the woman in front of him no longer had money, he would disappear and change his mobile number.

Accused lends Rs 17 lakh to woman

A few days ago a woman arrived at the Ashok Vihar police station and complained against Mudit. The woman told the police that Mudit took Rs 17 lakh from him in a few months. Accused Mudit also took out a personal loan by making a false promise to pay installments.

The woman told the police that she had met Mudit through a matrimonial website. On the complaint of the woman, the police registered a case and started the investigation, so she did not get any clue in the beginning. The accused Mudit had closed the mobile number with which he had contact with the victim.

Police reached such accused

The police did not get clues from the Matrimonial website, after which the police investigated the CDR of the accused’s mobile, the police found a number through which the police reached Mudit and arrested him.

PM and Home Ministry office official used to say accused

According to the police, 5 cases have been reported against Mudit so far, in which he cheated on women in the name of marriage, but the police team was shocked when he came to know about Mudit’s other adventures. The police have information that Mudit used to call himself Prime Minister and Chief Security Officer of the Home Ministry office and used to take a hefty amount in the name of giving a job to the people and in the name of getting a government tender.

Some Mudit is known by the name of Mohit, some Amarjeet, and some have kept their name unknown. Police say that Mudit is currently being questioned and efforts are being made to find out how many people have cheated him so far.

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