Kanpur police of Uttar Pradesh has been in the limelight for the past several weeks. From the shootout of Vikas Dubey to the kidnapping and murder of lab technician, the Kanpur police was under the scanner. At the same time, there has been shamelessness of policemen in Kanpur. Where policemen have been seen doing obscene acts with the woman.

In Kanpur, CCTV footage of two policemen indecently assaulting a woman has gone viral. Policemen carried out the incident in a beauty parlor in the high profile area of ​​the city of Swaroop Nagar. However, despite this incident, no action has been taken against the policemen till now.

According to viral CCTV footage, at 10 pm on July 28, two soldiers Sunil Nagar and Ankit Pradhan open a parlor in plain uniform. Where the husband opens the door and the two soldiers enter inside. After this, a soldier named Ankit enters the office with the parlor owner’s wife and sits in a chair and does obscene acts with him.

According to CCTV footage, the soldier puts his hand on the cheek of the parlor owner’s wife. After this, he also turns his hand to his feet. The husband and wife both oppose this indecency of the soldier, after which the husband takes the husband to another hall and the two policemen beat him in front of the wife.

However, it does not appear from the CCTV footage that the policemen are performing any legal duty by obscene acts with the woman and beating the husband. After which the question arises that what did the Kanpur policemen come to do in a beauty parlor at 10 am in plain uniform?

At the same time, after recording of this incident, no action has been taken against the policemen till now. The police station is also aware of this incident. On this incident, when officials asked for clarification through Aaj Tak, the officers were also embarrassed after watching the video.

Taking the incident seriously, West Kanpur SP Anil Kumar said that action will be taken after investigating the incident. At the same time, the police also reached to take the statement of the parlor owner and his wife. On this matter, Aaj Tak tried to talk to the owner of the parlor and his wife, but they were not ready to speak anything on camera.

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