A case of throwing PPE kit in the open in CR Park area of ​​posh area of ​​Delhi has come to light. Actually, Bollywood’s well-known music composer Shantanu Moitra tweeted a video of CR Park. It can be clearly seen in this video that PPE kit is being thrown in the open.

After this incident came to the notice of Delhi Police, the Southern District Police has registered a case. According to the police, the accused is still Corona positive. When the accused recovers from Corona, legal action will be taken against him.

A similar incident came to light in the month of June in which great negligence was revealed in the funeral procession of the corona dead. The PPE kit used in the crematorium of Punjabi Bagh was thrown in the open. Outside the crematorium, a pile of PPE kits was seen in the open, on which people had protested a lot. The family and hospital staff of the deceased use PPE kits during the funeral, but an incident of throwing it out in the open was reported.

Explain, the Delhi government had issued an order for the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kit for all healthcare centers based on the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Health. Guidelines were released for everyone in this. These guidelines were issued for non-Kovid hospitals, hospitals that have Kovid blocks and healthcare workers working in non-Kovid areas. Even after that incidents of gross negligence have come to light in these rules.

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