Along with the Bhoomi Poojan program for the construction of Ram Temple, Ayodhya has a focus of country and abroad. There is a preparation not only for the temple but also to give Ayodhya a grand appearance. The effort is that Ayodhya shines differently on the world map as a pilgrimage. In this direction, there is a plan to install a huge statue of Lord Rama on the banks of the river Saryu in Ayodhya.

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As a model, the idol of Lord Rama which is now seen at 12 feet, in the next three and a half years, the statue of Lord Rama more than two and a half meters high will be standing on the Saryu coast. The statue will be 200 meters and below that the base of the building of about 50 meters height will be. There is a plan to build Ramayana Museum. The height of the statue from the ground will be about 251 meters. There is a possibility of taking shape with the temple of Ramlala and the statue of Lord Rama to be installed on the banks of river Saryu.

Ajanubahu ram

The 200 meter high statue made of bronze will be completely indigenous. That is, all the work from hypothesis to casting and fitting will be done in our country. In the statue, ‘Azanubahu’ will be the gentle smile form of Dhanushdhari Ram. Aajanubahu means one whose arms reach even below his knees. According to Hindu belief, Azanubahu is the only Shri Ram. Ram’s presence today proved to be a boon for his archery.

The famous Hanuman statue of Jakhu temple of Shimla and many statues of Mahatma Gandhi are also included in the craft of Kumawat. Kumawat also shaped the statues of Ranbankurs who made supreme sacrifices for the country. That too without taking any wages. Kumawat calls it a mere attempt to honor the army and soldiers. At the moment, the entire focus of Kumawat is on the mind of Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu!

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