Punjab: Youth Killed On Birthday Robbers Trying To Snatch Mobile Found In Gift

An 18-year-old young man has been killed by robbers on Tuesday in Kasla Chola Sahib of district Tarn Taran in Punjab. The robbers were snatching the mobile of the deceased Yuvraj Singh. When he protested, the robbers killed him with sharp weapons. The special thing is that on Tuesday it was Yuvraj Singh’s birthday.

Yuvraj Singh, 18, a resident of Tarn Taran district, had his birthday on Tuesday and the family gave him a mobile on his birthday. Yuvraj used to go running from home every day because he had a dream to serve the country by joining the Indian Army. On Tuesday night, Yuvraj went out of his house to race with a new mobile.

On the way, unknown robbers tried to snatch Yuvraj Singh’s mobile and when Yuvraj protested against him, the robbers killed him. Family members say that the police of his son’s murderer should soon be caught by the police and punish them severely. The police have registered a case against unknown robbers and started action.

In Tarn Taran, the graph of crime is increasing day by day. In the days of loot and murder, the news headlines are distributed. In the last 2 months, more than 50 robberies and close to two dozen cases of murder have been reported. The functioning of the police is under question.

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