Rafale: If The Weather Is Bad In Ambala, It May Be Landing In Jodhpur Too

The world’s state-of-the-art fighter aircraft coming from France to India as the biggest lethal weapon for the Air Force in the country’s defense line, is scheduled to land at the Ambala airbase on Wednesday. But the weather is getting worse in Ambala, in such a situation, the Indian Air Force has chosen Jodhpur airbase as another option for this.

It is believed that if the weather of Ambala is not clear on Wednesday, then 5 Rafale fighter aircraft coming in will be launched at the airbase of Jodhpur. However, officials of Jodhpur Airbase have not confirmed it yet. But sources said that preparations have been made on this at the Jodhpur airbase.

When a new fighter aircraft is included in the Air Force’s fleet, the manner in which arrangements are made to welcome it, all the formalities will be done in Jodhpur. The time has not been decided yet when this plane will land in Jodhpur.

It is worth noting that earlier in June 2014, four Rafale aircraft had arrived at Jodhpur airbase. Those who participated in the ongoing exercise on the western border Garuda and used to fly daily from Jodhpur. Now if Rafael lands on Jodhpur airbase for the first time in India, it will be a matter of pride for Jodhpur.

Explain that when the Rafale deal was made, it was said that Rafael’s squadron would also be stationed in Jodhpur, which would replace Mig. Because recently the Air Force has given retirement to MiG fighter aircraft from Jodhpur airbase.

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