The effect of the sun increases in the month of Pausha. With the succession of the sun on 14th January, the bright fortnight of Paush month also started. Which will end with a full moon on 28 January. After this, the month of Magha will begin. At this time, there are many positive changes in the creation of the Sun due to its influence. In such a situation it is necessary to be prepared for those changes. Therefore, this month is the right time to make life perfect. Although there are no auspicious works in the month of Pausha, but this month is considered to be the best for the worship of God and especially the Sun worship.

Sun worship of Pausha is good for the whole year Health
According to the Hindu calendar, the tenth month of the Hindu calendar is called Paush. In this month, the effect of Hemant season is more. Hence the coolness in the weather increases. This month the Sun also remains in its special effect. Worshiping the sun especially in the month is auspicious. It is believed that this month the sun gives energy and good health to humans along with 11 thousand zodiac signs. If you worship the sun regularly in the month of Pausha, health is good throughout the year.

Vinayaki Chaturthi will be on Saturday, January 16. Ganesha should be worshiped on this date.
Skanda Shashthi will be observed on Tuesday, January 19. Lord Kartikeya is worshiped on this day.
It will be Guru Govind Singh Jayanti on Wednesday, January 20. On this day the birthday of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs is celebrated.
It is Putrada Ekadashi on Sunday, 24 January. Worship Lord Vishnu and his avatars on this date. Anoint the child form of Shree Krishna with the south-facing conch shell of Bal Gopal.
On Tuesday, January 26, Pradosh will be observed on the bright fortnight of Paush. There is a tradition of doing special worship of Lord Shiva on this day.
On Thursday, January 28, there will be a full moon month of Paush. It is a tradition to bathe in the holy rivers on this date. Arghya should be offered to the sun after bathing.


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