Keeping in mind the increasing number of corona infects in the state, the Rajasthan government has made a special plan for traffic. Now the people of Rajasthan have to take care of the important things for the movement in Rajasthan. According to the new rules, now it will be mandatory for those going out of Rajasthan to take a pass. However, it is not mandatory for the people coming to the state.

Rajasthan government Sealed 7 States Borders Know Where To Pass To Get Out of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Government has now issued instructions to increase the tightness on all the borders of the state to prevent the infection of Corona in the state. According to the information received, now instructions have been given to conduct corona checks of people on all check points, while the pass has been made mandatory to go out of Rajasthan.

According to the information received, people will be allowed to go out of Rajasthan to other states only in emergency situations and medical emergency. Such people who want to go out, they can get collectorate, police commissioner, deputy police commissioner, SP, SDM, deputy SP office and police stations nearby. Apart from this, counter will also be arranged for the pass at the airport, railway station and bus station.

In the case of Stamp Duty Evasion, the Jaipur Collector Stamp Court has given a big order. On the basis of the investigation by the State Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (SDRI), the court has issued orders for recovery of Rs 215 crore from the Oriental Nagpur Bypass Construction Company. Based on the information given by SDRI, this is the biggest case of stamp duty evasion in Rajasthan.

In a decision given by the court collector (orders), orders have been issued to deposit Rs 215 crore in the revenue account of the company concerned. The Oriental Nagpur Bypass Construction Company mainly deals with the construction and maintenance of National Highways and State Highways. State Diocese of Revenue IntelligenceIt was revealed in the investigation that the stamp duty payable by the company on the consortium / common loan agreement as per rules in Rajasthan is being stolen. For stamp duty evasion, the firm also issues documents such as consortium / common loan agreement on stamp paper of 100 and 500 rupees in Delhi and Haryana outside the concerned bank Rajasthan.

A consortium / common loan agreement is a bipartisan document intended to reduce the risk of debt between the lending bank or group of banks and the recipient of the loan. Stamp duty was payable on these documents as per rules under Rajasthan Stamp Act, 1998. An investigation by SDRI has revealed that the consortium / common loan agreement was signed by the company in 2010 from 6 major banks / financial institutions. These institutions also included State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur.

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