The Babri Masjid was demolished by kar sevaks in Ayodhya about 28 years ago. After the decision of the Supreme Court, the Ram temple is being constructed and on August 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will worship the land. In such a situation, just two kilometers from Ramjanmabhoomi, there is an ‘Alamgir Mosque’, which is also known as Shah Alam Mosque. Its Mahant Gyandas of Hanumangarhi has done the work of rebuilding by paying money from his pocket.

The hundreds of years old Alamgir Mosque due to its dilapidated condition did not even need to be demolished like it was in 1992. She herself would collapse anytime. In 2016, the Ayodhya administration said in two words, ‘Either manage the mosque or we will have to force it to demolish it, because it threatens your Namazis.’ Now the problem was that this mosque was not owned by any Muslim but with the Hindu community and it was also with ‘Hanumangarhi’.

In such a situation, it was not possible to rebuild the mosque without the permission of the owner. In such a situation, the Muslims of Ayodhya reached the Mahant of Hanuman Garhi with their problems. As soon as Mahant heard the complaint, he said without losing any time, go and renovate the mosque. The Muslims started preparing for the repair of the mosque, but they soon realized that with the help of a few Muslim houses it is difficult to build the mosque, in such a situation that it will not be possible without any major cooperation.

Mahant Gyandas of Hanumangarhi himself came forward for Alamgir Mosque. He called Sadiq Ali Babu Khan, president of the Ayodhya Muslim Welfare Society, after which ordered the mosque to be given a grand appearance with the money of Hanumangarhi. The work of saving this mosque has been done by spending around 16 lakh rupees for the mosque by the Mahant of Hanumangarhi and spent more than a year in rebuilding this mosque.

Please tell that Alamgir Barabas, a luxurious mosque at the impassioned intersection of the Swargadwar locality of Ayodhya, will be attracted to you. This mosque was built by Shah Alam II (1728-1806), the Mughal Emperor after Shah Jahan. The mosque was named by the emperor after his father Alamgiri, also known as Shah Alam Mosque.

In the year 1803, Shah Alam II, also known as Ali Gauhar, conquered his entire Sultanate by the British Empire. After this, the Mahants of Hanumangarhi sued to take back their land. Then the British court ordered that as long as there is worship in the mosque, the land cannot be taken back. Due to this, this mosque remained here and when the Municipal Corporation issued a notice for its poor condition in July 2016, Hanumangarhi set an example by rebuilding the mosque with outstretched hand.

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